Buying likes for an Instagram post may seem like a solid strategy to gain followers, but does it actually work? In this article, we will explore whether or not growing your channel inorganically is a valid method to take on.

So how does one buy likes?

On average, 500 likes for an Instagram post will cost you about $7, you can see more prices on comprare like instagram. Although this is the going rate now, prices are expected to decrease as algorithms by bots become further refined. If you need to buy likes, all you have to do is search on Google for companies and compare each package that they offer. There are plenty of businesses that have crowded the market looking to make a quick buck. All these factors make purchasing likes accessible to all budgets.

Are bought likes even worth it?

Cheaper than a regular fast food meal, a person trying to grow their individual brand might find that buying likes is a budget friendly marketing tool that must be taken advantage of. What many people in this scenario do not realize, is growing your Instagram inorganically is pretty much useless unless paired with other marketing strategies. One must realize that there are several reasons a potential follower will subscribe to an account, with a few being:

  1. The content itself
  2. The rate and consistency of the content being uploaded

These two factors will make or break the first impressions of the potential subscriber. If someone were to glance past a post that has 500 likes, the first thing they will look at is the previous uploads on that page. If the passerby were to see only one post having 500 likes, the likelihood of them hitting that follow button will be slim. To increase your chances of picking up followers, engaging content will help bring these potential follower’s decision in your favor.

Now high likes numbers alone will not attract followers to the post. If you had a post sitting with 500 likes and no real traffic getting to that post, you will have zero chance of picking up followers. Instead of just putting your budget towards buying like, you must employ ad services that will drive traffic to your post. With sites like Facebook and Youtube, you can generate organic traffic that can lead to real people following your Instagram Account. If this new traffic comes across your post that you bought likes for, they will be more likely willing to hit that follow button.

Who might benefit the most from buying likes?

New accounts might not benefit from purchasing likes since the content is what really engages people to your account. But if you have a community of followers with lots of content on your page, buying likes might a viable method to taking your account to the next level. Buying likes only makes content appear stronger but is not the only tool one should employ for lead generation.