In the last few years, custom printed stickers have become quite popular. Especially with people that are in school, run a business or want to promote something.

If you have recently seen printers offering to create custom printed stickers for you, you may be wondering what you could use them for. In fact, there are so many things you can do with stickers like this, you may soon find you need to order more as you have already used all your first order.

Using custom printed stickers for school — Many people in high school and university love buying custom printed stickers, as they can be used for so many things.

They can be used to give to friends, to promote an event like a high school dance or a college sorority meeting. They can be used to stick on your school notebooks so it is easy to find the ones you are looking for, and they can be used on laptops and mobile phones to brighten them up.

Promoting your business — If you are out of school and already run or own a business, custom printed stickers can be used to promote that business.

If you sell products, you can have stickers made that draw attention to something unusual about the product. Stick a sticker on each product, and the next time a customer sees it, they will be drawn to the information on the sticker.

You can also use custom printed stickers as small advertisements, to stick on brochures and flyers to add more information about what you sell, and even as a bumper sticker to promote your business.

Suitcase tags — You can also use custom printed stickers as a tag on a suitcase. After all, when suitcases come around a carousel at the airport, it is very difficult to notice yours among many similar ones. Stick a brightly colored custom printed sticker on both sides of yours, however, and you will never lose your suitcase again.

Gift tags — If you give a lot of gifts, you can also use these stickers as gift tags. Just have them printed in the colors you like, and with cute designs or phrases on them. Then, the next time you are giving a gift, use one of the stickers as a gift tag. The recipient will love it, as it will be completely different than the gift tags they normally see.

Use custom printed stickers on your child’s school supplies — Children often lose their school supplies, as they generally look like another child’s. Place brightly colored stickers on books, pencil cases, notebooks, lunch boxes, folders and anything else your child takes to school. Once you do, it will be much easier for your child to identify their belongings and, thus, never lose them at school again.