Augmented Reality or AR, an adolescent still developing, is turning to be a prominent future technology for mankind. It is merely but the perspective of real world environment along with refined or intensified components, produced by computer imagery. To put it simply, it adds graphic information over the real world environment. To overlay computer generated imagery or CGI on top of the real world environment, this technology mainly utilizes an output and input device, global positioning system or GPS, Micro-electromechanical system sensors, and a computing processor.

A head-mounted gadget, projector device, and handheld gizmo are the closest devices that incorporate the needed hardware for this technology. Using any of these gadgets, the user is offered with real-time graphical information along with audio narrations of whatever he/she sees. This denotes that when the user alters his/her field of view, he/she is provided with another set of information. This welcomes the several possibilities for the user. E.g., when a person is visiting a new city, needing to find a hotel or an ATM machine, he/she can basically just see around using the augmented reality device to locate the nearest hotel or ATM machine.

Another great example of the AR technology is its purpose in the air force by pilots. Present-day headgears which pilots wear are based on AR concept. The headgear’s visor provides pilots with several essential information, including instructions, enemy locations, maps, trajectories, and even the information about the whole jet. This certainly enables tactical and strategic decision, inflating the success rate of the critical mission.

Following the same example, Google Inc., the internet giant, is also developing on consumer augmented reality headgear known as Project Glass. However, still in research and development stage, the latest prototype of the Project Glass has gained enormous positive reception. The theory behind it is that will run on Google’s Android OS and will scan the real world using a camera to give all the needed info on the glass itself.

Augmented reality is sailing at a fast rate and at the same time, people are showing huge interest in the technology. Talented CG artists all over the globe are also making their move to show what kind of photorealistic 3rd components they can build for the augmented reality environment. This technology is advancing, however soon it will be the future technology for all mankind.