So, you have a hoverboard (e.g. from but you’re riding it like a lame. You can’t keep your balance, you’re falling off on every bump or uneven surface and you can barely go over 1 mile per hour without losing control of your unit. Like I said, lame. Well guess what? You no longer have to be lame. You can change this with the following tips. They will show you how to ride your hoverboard like a champ. Keep reading to discover how you can master your hoverboard like a pro.

Tip 1: Start Off in the Right Position

Starting off in the right position is crucial to your hoverboard riding skills. If you don’t start right, you won’t end up in the right position. You must slightly bend your legs and not lock your legs. Standing strait up on the hoverboard will cause you to have less effective balance and to fall easier. You must also start off riding your board on a flat surface. If you are a beast, the surface you ride on won’t matter. However, until you reach beast mode you should start off on flat and even surfaces to get the best riding experience.

Tip 2: A Wide Stance Gives you More Control

If you want to effectively maneuver your hoverboard spread your feet out wide. I know that the foot rest are only so big. However, you must realize that bigger and wider units will give you more control. Keep in mind that a unit that is too wide will cause you lose more control. You should buy a hoverboard that is wide enough to accommodate your feet size but not too big that it is impractical for you to ride.

Tip 3: Learn how to Balance and Turn

You must know how to keep your balance if you want to excel at riding a hoverboard. This is an essential part of the process. People that has poor coordination and balance will not do well at riding a hoverboard. Also, you must practice your turning ability until you can master this feat. Practice turning at different rates of speeds until you are able to perfect turning at a high rate of speed. Once you master these tips you will be able to ride your hoverboard like a certified champ.

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