With Christmas rapidly approaching, you may be panicking about the gifts you still need to buy for the friends in your life.

After all, if you are like many of us, you probably have more friends than family that you buy for and this can make choosing the right gift for each of them more than a little stressful.

These three cool Christmas gift ideas for friends may just help you with that. After all, they are not only affordable but they are unique and unusual as well.

Personalized blankets — This is something few people think about buying for friends, yet personalized blankets can be the perfect gift.

Particularly as personalized blankets for adults come in thousands of different sizes, shapes, colors and designs and can the also be personalized with something unique to the person receiving them.

Look for blankets with the colors of your friend’s favorite football or baseball team. If they like cartoons or anime, you could buy them a hooded blanket that is designed to look like their favorite anime character. If they graduated from university, you can buy personalized blankets with their alma mater crest on them.

Once you have chosen the right blanket, you can then have it personalized. This includes initials, names, phrases like ‘Best Friend’ or other personal phrases that show how much you love them.

These can be appliqued on, ironed on or stitched on. All types of personalization come with different costs, so be sure to compare each of them before deciding on the best option for a particular friend and blanket.

Subscriptions to streaming services — Most people nowadays get much of their entertainment from streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Crunchyroll.

Find out if your friends have subscriptions to every major service and, if not, grab an annual membership for one of the ones they do not have. You can even set it up so it automatically renews, which allows you to have a gift for that friend every year from now on with little planning required.

Just make sure you choose a streaming service they would use, rather than something they have little interest in.

Monthly tea, food, video game, t-shir or geek subscription box — If you want friends to think about you throughout the year, choose a subscription to a box service.

These subscription boxes are available in thousands of different genres, with everything from gift boxes for tea, coffee, wine, gourmet foods, books, video games, anime, t-shirts and geek boxes sent every month.

Choose a box that encompasses something your friend loves, and pay for a 3-month, 6-month or an annual subscription. The longer the subscription the less you pay per month, and the more times your friend will think about you during the year.