The days of sitting for hours in a tree stand looking for herds of game are long gone; thanks to the invention of the game camera. Finding a good game camera is being made available with this quick reference guide below. It will feature a brief comparison chart of the 10 best game cameras in 2018. Followed by additional information with tips on finding a good trail cam at an affordable price.


Top 10 Best Game Cameras in 2018


  1. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD


8 AA Batteries/8 pixel/60ft Range/0.6-sec Trigger/32 LEDs Flash


  1. Browning Strike Force


8 AA Batteries/10 pixel/100ft Range/0.67-sec Trigger/Infrared Flash


  1. Moultrie M-990i


8 AA Batteries/10 pixel/70ft Range/less than 1 sec Trigger/No Glow IR Flash


  1. Moultrie M-880


8 AA Batteries/8 pixel/100ft Range/less than 1 sec Trigger/Low Glow IR Flash


  1. Reconyx HyperFire HC500


6-12 AA Batteries/3.1 pixel/50ft Range/0.15-sec Trigger/No Nightime Rec Flash


  1. Bushnell X-8


8 AA Batteries/6 pixel/300ft Range/1.3-sec Trigger/36 LEDs Flash


  1. Day 6 PlowWatcher Pro HD


8 AA Batteries/1.3 pixel/300ft Range/Time Lapse Mode Only/No Nightime Rec Flash


  1. GSM G30 Stealth


8 AA Batteries/8 pixel/80ft Range/1 sec Trigger/30 IR Emitter Flash


  1. Moultrie Panoramic 150


6 C-Cell Batteries/8 pixel/100ft Range/1 sec Trigger/30 LEDs Flash


  1. Wild Game 5X Blade


8 AA Batteries/5 pixel/50ft Range/1 sec Trigger/18 LEDs Flash


Considerations Before Making a Purchase


There are many things to consider; however, the provided list above is a solid start for quality game cameras within an affordable price range for the average consumer. Some of the other things to consider are the time triggers, video options, time image, battery life, zone recovery, built-in-viewers, security, memory, flash detection, and SD card capabilities. Please note: Finding SD cards for some game cameras requires using one not included with your device and may have to be purchased from a different source.


What’s the Best Game Camera for the Money?


While this subject can vary wildly with various hunters; if we had to pick one it would be the Browning Strike Force. This game camera does so many things right out of the box and Browning is known for manufacturing quality products in the gaming industry. Any of the Moultries would have made a fine selection; however, if you’re looking for a high-end game camera with an affordable price tag, this is the best game camera in 2018 for the money.


Final Considerations


We took into consideration when comprising this list of the best game cameras in 2018; how saturated the market is today and narrowed down the search for finding the perfect game camera to make the task a little easier. Reviews and lists like this provide a wealth of information for the average consumer to make an educated choice. The list above based on the the best game cameras that provide a price that’s affordable and most importantly, work as advertised.


Our goal was to provide you with a list for the best game cameras in 2018 and one that suits your style while providing the best images for capturing wildlife. Every camera will have a slight advantage over another and slight disadvantages that makes each one unique. For more information and prices on quality game camera, please visit our site today!