When you hear about something called an online notepad, you can be forgiven in thinking these so-called notepads went out with the ark.


In fact, today’s online notepads are so user friendly, and full of such great functions, it is a wonder you are not using one. Especially if you are not as organized as you would like to be.


How an online notepad can organize every one of your days — A free Online notepad like those put out by ClickUp are brilliant, as they allow you to organize every aspect of your day.


You can create lists, open up agendas and even make confidential notes on meetings that nobody else can see. As you can access any online notepad you create from anywhere you happen to be, they are incredibly functional and accessible as well.


Creating lists with an online notepad — Most people start using online notepads to create quick lists of things they want to remember to do.


As these lists can be created in a matter of seconds, and then accessed by you on every device you have, they are the easiest way to make sure you never forget to do anything.


Creating agendas — If you are like most people, having an agenda for your day is very important. Especially if you sometimes forget about some of the things you have to do.


With an online notepad like the one put out by ClickUp, however, you can create an agenda within your notepad. This agenda can then be accessed by just one click, and its agenda items added to, edited or deleted throughout the day.


As you can access it from your phone, it also makes it very easy to always know where you should be next. Even if you are currently out on the road.


Never forget your ideas — We all have ideas about all kinds of things that we think are wonderful. Most of us, however, quickly forget them as we rarely have anywhere to write them do.


Use an online notepad like the one from ClickUp, however, and you will never forget a cool idea again. Just write it down on your online notepad, and then refer to it every time you are looking for interesting solutions to pressing problems. Chances are you already had an idea, and you wrote it down.


Keeping your notes separate — Unlike with writing notes on a piece of paper, and then not being able to organize them, with an online notepad like the one from ClickUp you can write them all down, organize them and keep them all separate.


That way you never get your notes confused, as they are separated into different topics, yet they can all be clicked on at the drop of a hat.


Writing source code — If you often code programs, or are even a coder for a career, the modern day online notepads also allow you to write and store HTML code. Something older notepads have rarely allowed you to do.