If you need to have a new website designed, but want to be sure you are choosing the right web designer for the job, there are ways you find out.

After all, you want to be sure the web designer you choose is talented, like the designer over at web design brisbane, and understands how to design a site that will attract traffic.

Show him site designs you like — Talk to each web designer you are considering about the site designs you prefer, and find out if he can do them in the way you need.

If he has suggestions to make them even better, he may be a good designer. If he just wants to move onto another design you do not like as well, he probably is not.


Look at other sites in the designer’s portfolio — One of the first things you should always do before hiring any designer is to ask for a list of other sites they have designed.


Then spend several hours going through each site looking at how they are laid out, the color schemes at are used, where advertising is placed and if navigation is easy to understand. If the sites are user-friendly, this could mean you are choosing the right designer for the job. If not, move on until you find one that does design sites users find easy to use.


Find out how successful his other designs have been — One of the most important things about hiring the right web designer is not only that your site is attractive, but that it can also attract traffic.


That is why you should find out how successful his other sites have been. Especially if they have been in existence for longer than a year.


You can find this information by searching for the site on the website Alexa, and then looking at the graph showing how fast its traffic is growing. A site that has fast growing traffic is likely to have been well-designed. One that is not growing very much, even though no content is being added to it all the time, is likely to be a site that was poorly-designed.


Does the designer have their own websites? — Most web designers will also have their own website. If they do not, that can be a warning sign as why would they be creating sites for other people yet not running one of their own?


If they do, look at each site of any designer you are considering hiring to see if it is a site you would be happy to own.


Is it fast? Is it well-designed? Does it look nice? Is it easy to use? Can you find the information you are looking for quickly?


If you can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions, chances are the person who designed it may just be the right web designer for your site.