A LAN messenger is a way to send messages over the Local Area Network without much technical knowledge. It’s particularly favored due to the fact that it is private. Users of the LAN messenger are found to be enthused by this form of instant messaging, because an internet connection is not needed. Neither are central servers required. It is known that in order to even have access to the system, the other person must be inside the firewall.

No internet? No problem

The ability to reach out to others without an internet connection, may seem like small potatoes to some, however, to others it’s a deal breaker. Internet connection can be difficult to come by for various reasons. If you live in certain parts of rural America or in other parts of the world that are rural, obtaining a continuous internet connection can be a problem. Bad weather can also cause the lost of an internet connection. To be able to enjoy a conversation with like-minded individuals without having to worry about your connection being lost can alleviate frustration.

Basic Functions

  • Basic functions of the LAN messenger includes:
  • Participating in chat rooms
  • Sending file transfers
  • Sending confidential messages

Chat rooms are used often via LAN messaging. A chat room is similar to an email, or an IM. It allows many people to communicate at one time. The communication occurs via messages, similar to text messages. Decades ago chat rooms were very popular, however it’s users slowly began to lose interest, replacing chat rooms with instant messaging. People who are interested in chat rooms would need to take the time and search for one that is speaking on topics that interest them. To join a chat room you will simply choose a user name and password. There are chat rooms of all different subjects, skiing, mountain climbing, politics, you name.

A file transfer is the ability to move files from one computer to another. The user can transmit or share the files with others. A file transfer can be initiated a receiver or initiated by a sender.

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Why is the LAN messenger Convenient?

The LAN messenger is convenient, because it allows an individual to quickly connect with others. Also it allows you to get your contact list, under control. This will enable the user to locate persons with ease and speed. Besides all of this LAN messages gives the user the ability to archive certain conversations, so when you want to go back and read through certain messages you can do it effortless. Another huge reason LAN messenger users enjoy this form of communication is because, it enables you to have conversations with people of different languages. The ability to choose the language of your choice is a thumbs up for many people who wish to hear the opinions of others from around the world. In today’s society reaching out to the individual’s who speak different languages, from different cultures and who practice different religions is a desire that many people have. LAN massaging helps to promote dialogue between people with similar interests regardless of where they are.