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It’s not difficult to see how Spotify has changed the music scene. From bringing new musical artists into the limelight to helping people from all parts of the world access their favorite tunes and connecting artists with their fans, the platform has done amazing work. It is indeed one of the few places where any underground artist would become an overnight sensation. But as with most great things, Spotify comes with a major caveat: you have to ensure that your account matches up with your prowess to get the most out of it.


So, how do you do that? How do you grow and optimize your Spotify account?

You need to get yourself out there. In order do that you can consider to buy Spotify plays. That’s important if you want to skip the lengthy, annoying wait time to build up a significant audience size and get instant attention to your prowess, passion and hard work. Being seen to have more Spotify plays is also important as it will help you build credibility and make your account appear successful. That’s one of the most important factors for any upcoming artist looking to build a positive reputation quickly.

It’s great to be optimistic, but extremely important and helpful to be realistic. We don’t have a way for artists to know when their big break will come, and based on what we see every day in the industry, you really have to be lucky to achieve the breakthrough in music. This industry is very competitive and the best way to make it is to accept the situation, believe in yourself and make an active effort to promote yourself by giving yourself more exposure.

Did you know that Spotify algorithms use the plays as an indication of popularity? The more plays you have as an artist, the more likely you’ll rank well on the popular page. Consequently, your page will receive more traffic and you’ll have more monthly listeners. That means that when you purchase Spotify plays, you aren’t just buying a specific number of plays for your playlist, but boosting your popularity range which, in the long run, would increase and maximize your earnings from music royalties.

All successful artists in the world would tell you that they personally created their own luck by putting in the old-fashioned work and creating good music- but most importantly, actively promoting their music.

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