Will you be buying a new camera for a child in your life? Is it the first time you have bought a camera for a child?

If so, there are a few things you should make sure are featured on any child’s camera you buy. If you find these things on any camera you want to purchase, you can pretty much guarantee you are looking at one of the best cameras for kids in the marketplace at the moment.

Durable — Most children tend to be harder on their belongings than adults. That often means the camera they use may be slammed around more, dropped or generally mistreated.

That is why you want to be sure the camera you are considering buying is durable and shockproof. If it is, it is very likely to be one of the best cameras for kids.

A decent amount of storage — There is no point buying a camera for a child that will only save 100 photographs before it is full. Not when most children will take several hundred photographs during their first week of using a new camera.

That is why the best cameras for kids tend to have at least 1GB of storage plus the ability to have a SIM card inserted with up to 32GB more.

High resolution — No camera for a child should have less than 4MP resolution and, if you can buy one with 8MP resolution, that is even better.

After all, the camera may be for a child, but they still want to be able to take beautiful photos that are crisp and clear.

Video recording — Nowadays, it is not just photos that children want to take. They also want to be able to take videos.

Be sure the camera you buy is able to take videos of at least 1080P HD, and your child should be very happy with the clearness of the videos they can then take.

Digital zoom — The best cameras on the market at the moment allow your child to be able to zoom in with a digital zoom.

Look for a camera that has the ability to provide 4X digital zoom, and that will not only allow them to take zoomed in photos, but also ensure they are crisp and highly detailed.

Easy to use — Do not buy a children’s camera that comes with all kinds of settings that need to be manipulated before it will take a good photograph.

Instead, look for a camera that is easy to use and is basically just point and shoot.

This will allow your child to use the camera the minute they take it out of the box and be happy with the photos they get. For more information, check out best camera for kids.