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Radar Detectors and Road Safety

Radar Detectors and Road Safety

It’s a nice sunny day. You decided to go shopping to the store your friend was talking about yesterday. You get in your new car. The music is playing. You are in a terrific mood. You are driving along the freeway without paying any attention to how fast you are going. One of a sudden you see flashing red lights in your rear mirror. Cops show up and give you a speeding ticket.

You immediately start asking yourself questions:

  • How much will my car insurance go up?
  • How do I protect myself from this disaster?

A radar detector is an electronic device that is mounted inside the car. Car enthusiasts love radar detectors and depend on them. Drivers use the best radar detectors to watch their car speed. Drivers can reduce their car speed before they get a traffic violation ticket.

How Radar Detectors Work

Radar detectors catch a police officer’s radar gun pointed at your car. A police radar gun is a radio transmitter. Radar gun sends a strong focused signal. The radio signal travels through the air with the speed of light. It is 670,616,629 mph (miles per hour).

The speed of light is constant. That is why a radar gun is able to determine the distance to a driver’s vehicle. Radar detectors scan the area for signals produced by radar guns used by the traffic police officers.

Some people buy radar detectors hoping to drive aggressively. They think they will be able to slow down the car when they detect a radar gun. Keep in mind, trying to slow down the car fast can lead to terrible car accidents with many injuries.

Radar detectors are useful in helping drivers to slow down the car when the speeding is unintentional. The device will send the driver a sound alert to remind about slowing down when it detects high speed.

How to Protect Yourself from Speeding

You are a cool driver when you plan your trip ahead of your travels. Leave earlier to come to your destination on time. Having enough time for your trip will keep you from speeding.

Keep your eyes on the speedometer while driving. It is a good idea to check your speedometer every now and then. If your speedometer is at fault and you do not know about it, you are putting yourself and your passengers in danger. A faulty speedometer will give you a false reading.

Use cruise control. Most cars have it. Using cruise control allows the driver to set speed limits and avoid getting a traffic ticket. Set the desired speed a little below the speed limit.

Do not drive when you are angry or upset. It can make you drive too fast. Keep your emotions in check. It helps to avoid speeding tickets.

It is important to find out laws of your area before buying a radar detector. Radar detectors are illegal in the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.) and Virginia.

How an online notepad can organize every day of your week

When you hear about something called an online notepad, you can be forgiven in thinking these so-called notepads went out with the ark.


In fact, today’s online notepads are so user friendly, and full of such great functions, it is a wonder you are not using one. Especially if you are not as organized as you would like to be.


How an online notepad can organize every one of your days — A free Online notepad like those put out by ClickUp are brilliant, as they allow you to organize every aspect of your day.


You can create lists, open up agendas and even make confidential notes on meetings that nobody else can see. As you can access any online notepad you create from anywhere you happen to be, they are incredibly functional and accessible as well.


Creating lists with an online notepad — Most people start using online notepads to create quick lists of things they want to remember to do.


As these lists can be created in a matter of seconds, and then accessed by you on every device you have, they are the easiest way to make sure you never forget to do anything.


Creating agendas — If you are like most people, having an agenda for your day is very important. Especially if you sometimes forget about some of the things you have to do.


With an online notepad like the one put out by ClickUp, however, you can create an agenda within your notepad. This agenda can then be accessed by just one click, and its agenda items added to, edited or deleted throughout the day.


As you can access it from your phone, it also makes it very easy to always know where you should be next. Even if you are currently out on the road.


Never forget your ideas — We all have ideas about all kinds of things that we think are wonderful. Most of us, however, quickly forget them as we rarely have anywhere to write them do.


Use an online notepad like the one from ClickUp, however, and you will never forget a cool idea again. Just write it down on your online notepad, and then refer to it every time you are looking for interesting solutions to pressing problems. Chances are you already had an idea, and you wrote it down.


Keeping your notes separate — Unlike with writing notes on a piece of paper, and then not being able to organize them, with an online notepad like the one from ClickUp you can write them all down, organize them and keep them all separate.


That way you never get your notes confused, as they are separated into different topics, yet they can all be clicked on at the drop of a hat.


Writing source code — If you often code programs, or are even a coder for a career, the modern day online notepads also allow you to write and store HTML code. Something older notepads have rarely allowed you to do.

Bluehost fees for site migrations can be quite costly

Bluehost fees for site migrations can be quite costly

If you are with a hosting company and want to move your site to one that is probably better, you may be considering Bluehost. Not only does Bluehost get good reviews from many of the people whose websites are hosted with them, it also has other benefits as well.

The only problem with moving from another company to Bluehost, however, can be the fee you have to pay to migrate your sites. Fees other hosting companies often do not charge.

How much are Bluehost fees for site migrations? — This is where Bluehost is far inferior to other hosting companies as their migration fees are very expensive.

Bluehost charges for site migrations around $14.99 to move up to five sites from your old hosting company to them. When you consider most other hosting services do this for free, not only is it expensive, the $149.99 fee would pay for hosting for a year at many other hosting companies.

Is paying the Bluehost migration fee worthwhile? — It depends on what you are looking for, and how adept you are at migrating sites yourself. In other words, if you can learn how to migrate your own sites to Bluehost, or even get a more tech-savvy friend to do it for you, it would make sense for you to do that.

If you cannot, then you should think seriously about spending $149.99 to have Bluehost do it. Especially if you can move to another hosting company like Siteground, for instance, and have them do it for you without any cost at all.

Are there other drawbacks to Bluehost? — It is not just high site migration fees that are a negative when it comes to signing up with Bluehost either.

After all, unlike other hosting companies that offer cheap packages that include all the things you would need, Bluehost charges for some of them.

Take site back up and restoration. While that is included at many other companies, Bluehost charges over $35 a year to do that. They also charge for SSL certificates, additional domain names and a dedicated IP address. That means, by the time you have paid for everything you want to have every month, your basic cost for hosting your site at Bluehost could have suddenly gone sky high.

Do an extensive price comparison — While Bluehost is definitely a very good hosting company, you should still do extensive price comparisons before deciding to go with them.

After all, you may end up being surprised that, what you thought was inexpensive website hosting, has so many additional monthly fees it becomes quite a bit more expensive than you have ever paid for website hosting before.

Into the Prism:  Reasons To Consider Ordering Custom Optics From An Optical Lens Manufacturer

Into the Prism:  Reasons To Consider Ordering Custom Optics From An Optical Lens Manufacturer

In the 21st century technology has advanced and grown at a rate that is almost inconceivable to many of us. Smartphones, Smart TV’s and the talk of Self Driving Cars. Just about every topic you can think of has been touched and advanced by modern technology. The Custom Optics industry is no exception and in some instances ahead of many other manufacturing industries.


The research departments and optical engineers have advanced rapidly into innovative technologies that have matured the industry to a level it had never reached before and the manufacturing of custom optics touches so many facets of our lives covertly with their innovative optical system design. Here are some examples of just how custom optics is our part of our lives and growth as a society. Once you have a better understanding of how custom optics are utilized in various markets and what the different applications are, you should have a better understanding of why you would want to consider ordering custom optics from an Optical Lens manufacturer.


First let’s take at look at some of the markets that utilize custom optics. The military,. law enforcement, defense and security, biomedical, night vision, automotive, projections, life science, aerospace, laser technology and many more markets that utilize lenses, lasers, custom mirrors and optical grating.


So what would these companies and organizations use custom optics for? The possibilities are as endless as the development and growth of technology and the engineers behind it. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples and some of the specific practical applications of custom optics today.



The use of lasers has been in medical practices for years in a range of ways. From dissolving kidney stones, to cauterizing blood vessels, varicose vein removal and more. These procedures all have specific types of lasers and imaging capabilities in order to ensure success and effectiveness. For those in the medical field having the ability to customize laser technology to fit their specific needs has been a huge advancement for them and their patients. Laser vision correction is one of the most common procedures assisted by custom laser technology and has helped millions of people alleviate the need for glasses or contacts by permanently correcting their vision.


Defense Systems

Optical lenses and advanced laser systems are an intricate part in a successful defense system. Whether that be for military use, local law enforcement or the private citizen looking to protect his home, family and or business. Ranging from night vision systems, laser activated home invasion systems, thermal imaging, surveillance and just about any kind of defense or deterrent that would utilize specialized lenses, lasers and other advanced optics. The ability to customize optics for this sample of needs has beefed up security and defense from entire nations to the neighbors house next door.


There are many options available to the governments, businesses, organizations and private consumers alike to resource custom optics manufacturers these days. Modern manufacturers are able to offer the consumers state of the art quality optics designed by well educated, trained and researched engineers that are capable of designing and customizing nearly limitless varieties of optics to fit specific needs and many cases the only limitations there are, as with a lot of technology driven fields these days, is imagination.