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3 Tips before you apply for that IT job

3 Tips before you apply for that IT job

3 Tips before you apply for that IT job

So you are eyeballing one of those hundreds of IT job postings (e.g. on it vacatures) in your search browser. These jobs look like they would be interesting, fulfilling, and pay the bills comfortably. They have a wide range of roles to fulfill and most offer some form of benefits. These jobs will be of great benefit to those who are able to stand out enough to get hired by their preferred companies. The best part is that there are so many of these information technology jobs to choose from. Here are some things that you should do before you send in that application.


Educate Yourself

One of the most important things to do before you apply to any job is learning about the company you are applying to. You can find reviews about the job by people who currently or formerly held the position you are after. This can give you insight into how the people that work for this company are treated by management, as well as the general culture of the company. You should also check out the companies website, and spend some time learning about the product or service they supply as well as some of the history of the company. Knowing something about the company, its goals, accomplishments, or product will help you to stand out among those who do not take the time to do their research.


Resume Update

Be sure to look over your resume before you submit it with your application. This will allow you to customize it for each job you apply to rather than just blanket submitting a basic resume to everyone. Inputting keywords and skill related to the job or company within your resume will additionally help you to stand out. You can utilize your favorite search engine to figure out which important skills to include on your resume for your specific job. Of course, you must actually posses the skills in question if you are putting them on your resume as you may be asked to demonstrate those skills in an interview. It is of great importance to update your resume if you are applying for a job.


Write a Cover Specific Letter

Much like your resume, you will want to craft your cover letter for each job you apply to rather than using singular cover letter. This will allow you to specify in more detail your experience and skills related to the job you apply to. The cover letter should include any pertinent knowledge of the company, and also talk about some of your experience, This also give potential hiring managers the opportunity to see a bit of your writing ability if that is a portion of your desired position. Adding a cover letter is optional for several companies, but will help you stand out in the ever competitive information technology field.

Into the Prism:  Reasons To Consider Ordering Custom Optics From An Optical Lens Manufacturer

Into the Prism:  Reasons To Consider Ordering Custom Optics From An Optical Lens Manufacturer

In the 21st century technology has advanced and grown at a rate that is almost inconceivable to many of us. Smartphones, Smart TV’s and the talk of Self Driving Cars. Just about every topic you can think of has been touched and advanced by modern technology. The Custom Optics industry is no exception and in some instances ahead of many other manufacturing industries.


The research departments and optical engineers have advanced rapidly into innovative technologies that have matured the industry to a level it had never reached before and the manufacturing of custom optics touches so many facets of our lives covertly. Here are some examples of just how custom optics is our part of our lives and growth as a society. Once you have a better understanding of how custom optics are utilized in various markets and what the different applications are, you should have a better understanding of why you would want to consider ordering custom optics from an Optical Lens manufacturer.


First let’s take at look at some of the markets that utilize custom optics. The military,. law enforcement, defense and security, biomedical, night vision, automotive, projections, life science, aerospace, laser technology and many more markets that utilize lenses, lasers, custom mirrors and optical grating.


So what would these companies and organizations use custom optics for? The possibilities are as endless as the development and growth of technology and the engineers behind it. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples and some of the specific practical applications of custom optics today.



The use of lasers has been in medical practices for years in a range of ways. From dissolving kidney stones, to cauterizing blood vessels, varicose vein removal and more. These procedures all have specific types of lasers and imaging capabilities in order to ensure success and effectiveness. For those in the medical field having the ability to customize laser technology to fit their specific needs has been a huge advancement for them and their patients. Laser vision correction is one of the most common procedures assisted by custom laser technology and has helped millions of people alleviate the need for glasses or contacts by permanently correcting their vision.


Defense Systems

Optical lenses and advanced laser systems are an intricate part in a successful defense system. Whether that be for military use, local law enforcement or the private citizen looking to protect his home, family and or business. Ranging from night vision systems, laser activated home invasion systems, thermal imaging, surveillance and just about any kind of defense or deterrent that would utilize specialized lenses, lasers and other advanced optics. The ability to customize optics for this sample of needs has beefed up security and defense from entire nations to the neighbors house next door.


There are many options available to the governments, businesses, organizations and private consumers alike to resource custom optics manufacturers these days. Modern manufacturers are able to offer the consumers state of the art quality optics designed by well educated, trained and researched engineers that are capable of designing and customizing nearly limitless varieties of optics to fit specific needs and many cases the only limitations there are, as with a lot of technology driven fields these days, is imagination.

How can you increase your IG following

How can you increase your IG following

Buying likes for an Instagram post may seem like a solid strategy to gain followers, but does it actually work? In this article, we will explore whether or not growing your channel inorganically is a valid method to take on.

So how does one buy likes?

On average, 500 likes for an Instagram post will cost you about $7, you can see more prices on comprare like instagram. Although this is the going rate now, prices are expected to decrease as algorithms by bots become further refined. If you need to buy likes, all you have to do is search on Google for companies and compare each package that they offer. There are plenty of businesses that have crowded the market looking to make a quick buck. All these factors make purchasing likes accessible to all budgets.

Are bought likes even worth it?

Cheaper than a regular fast food meal, a person trying to grow their individual brand might find that buying likes is a budget friendly marketing tool that must be taken advantage of. What many people in this scenario do not realize, is growing your Instagram inorganically is pretty much useless unless paired with other marketing strategies. One must realize that there are several reasons a potential follower will subscribe to an account, with a few being:

  1. The content itself
  2. The rate and consistency of the content being uploaded

These two factors will make or break the first impressions of the potential subscriber. If someone were to glance past a post that has 500 likes, the first thing they will look at is the previous uploads on that page. If the passerby were to see only one post having 500 likes, the likelihood of them hitting that follow button will be slim. To increase your chances of picking up followers, engaging content will help bring these potential follower’s decision in your favor.

Now high likes numbers alone will not attract followers to the post. If you had a post sitting with 500 likes and no real traffic getting to that post, you will have zero chance of picking up followers. Instead of just putting your budget towards buying like, you must employ ad services that will drive traffic to your post. With sites like Facebook and Youtube, you can generate organic traffic that can lead to real people following your Instagram Account. If this new traffic comes across your post that you bought likes for, they will be more likely willing to hit that follow button.

Who might benefit the most from buying likes?

New accounts might not benefit from purchasing likes since the content is what really engages people to your account. But if you have a community of followers with lots of content on your page, buying likes might a viable method to taking your account to the next level. Buying likes only makes content appear stronger but is not the only tool one should employ for lead generation.

The Top Pros and Cons for Buying Instagram Followers

The Top Pros and Cons for Buying Instagram Followers

If you are using Instagram and think you are going to dominate your niche without help, you are going to be in for a long road. The trouble is that you have competition in that niche increasing each week, and if you are not making efforts to get to the top, you are getting passed even sitting still. Here are the pros and cons for buying Instagram followers.

That Instant Traffic Boost

The first thing that happens is you get a boost to your numbers right out of the gate. That means you are going to be able to jump ahead of the competition fast instead of waiting weeks, months, or years to get enough traffic to catch them. That huge boost in numbers will be the key to getting you organic traffic down the road. Imagine how long it would take if you are sitting back hoping to grow these numbers organically. Even after a month, you will have hundreds if not thousands of your competitors simply pass you by.

For more awesome tips, check the video below:

Keeping Traffic Engaged

Now after you buy Instagram followers or likes from a reliable provider like ganhar likes no instagram, organic traffic is going to show up at your posts because they want to know what all the excitement is about. They come to you over the competition, so all you really need to do at this point is to make certain that you are posting relevant and fresh content daily, keeping them engaged and coming back day after day. Since you bought those numbers, the new organic traffic is coming by fast and furious to see what all that excitement is about. Don’t disappoint them, make sure you are posting on a schedule every day so they can set their clocks to the updates.

The Power of Sharing

One of the reasons you need to buy Instagram followers or likes, it increases the interaction between your new followers and your content. As soon as you post new content, those new followers are going to come by to like and comment on those posts. They will share the content too, and many will even tag you in the comments. What this is doing is helping to expand your social media reach without you having to do anything else. It all seems to run on auto-pilot right after you buy Instagram followers or likes. Just imagine how many new potential followers your content is being exposed to each day as a result.

The Only Real Downside

When it comes to the pros and cons for buying Instagram followers, the only real downside is having to lay out that cash upfront before you see the real traffic make their way to your posts. Look at it this way, if you din;t spend that money, how much are you losing to your competition each day who are taking advantage of this practice and simply burying you as they grow quicker than ever.


Now you see the huge advantages compared to cons when you buy Instagram followers or likes.

Securing Your Privacy Using a Virtual Private Network Anytime You Go Online

Securing Your Privacy Using a Virtual Private Network Anytime You Go Online

For any regular computer user, utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) is one of the most vital things to consider. A VPN can be described as a service that works to keep your internet activities secure and private over public networks. The same service can also help in bypassing regional restrictions on streaming services as well as censorship restrictions.

How a VPN Operates

In layman’s language, we can describe VPN as a secure tunnel linking your computer to the sites you visit. The computer will first connect to a VPN server located in a foreign country for example Netherlands. Internet traffic to and from your computer will then pass through that server. What happens after this is that the sites you visit will mark you as browsing from the location of the servers. This renders it difficult for anyone to track your browsing activity including hackers. Only the VPN provider, like mejor VPN, can get this information. A https connection can, however, take care of this loophole.

Limitations of a VPN

Like any other kind of technology, VPN use also has its limitations. For example, if you hail from a country with oppressive censorship, VPN use will be very limited. Evading government restrictions would also partially depend on the government’s readiness to turn a blind eye. If the VPN you use employs weak encryption or has data leakage concerns then do not use it. It would also be important to use an anonymous identity rather than your actual identity to add a layer of security to your browsing.

Criteria for Selecting a VPN Provider

Nowadays, we can easily get one-click easy to use VPN clients for both our computers and mobile devices. The availability of many options, however, raises the concern of getting the right service. You can check out various tech sites to help you with determining which VPN providers would work best for you. Most services offer free options but these come with a lot of limitations. It is therefore recommended you go for the paid options that will offer complete user experience.

Features to Consider in a VPN

You have to consider certain things when looking for the appropriate VPN. First, consider the type of logging the VPN does. That is, the information it collects from you browsing sessions and how long it retains this information. You should also find out whether they record IP addresses, the amount of bandwidth, the sites you visit and any other important details. Also, check on torrent policy and whether the provider has an installable application.

How to Use a VPN

So, you have diligently followed all the above steps and have settled on what VPN service to use. All that remains now is to connect to the VPN. This is a very simple process on most if not all popular VPN providers such as TunnelBear, HMA Pro, and SaferVPN. In most cases, you simply select the country from where you want to connect and then click the ON or connect button. Upon doing this, your browsing will be secure and protected until you decide to turn the VPN off.



Augmented Reality or AR, an adolescent still developing, is turning to be a prominent future technology for mankind. It is merely but the perspective of real world environment along with refined or intensified components, produced by computer imagery. To put it simply, it adds graphic information over the real world environment. To overlay computer generated imagery or CGI on top of the real world environment, this technology mainly utilizes an output and input device, global positioning system or GPS, Micro-electromechanical system sensors, and a computing processor.

A head-mounted gadget, projector device, and handheld gizmo are the closest devices that incorporate the needed hardware for this technology. Using any of these gadgets, the user is offered with real-time graphical information along with audio narrations of whatever he/she sees. This denotes that when the user alters his/her field of view, he/she is provided with another set of information. This welcomes the several possibilities for the user. E.g., when a person is visiting a new city, needing to find a hotel or an ATM machine, he/she can basically just see around using the augmented reality device to locate the nearest hotel or ATM machine.

Another great example of the AR technology is its purpose in the air force by pilots. Present-day headgears which pilots wear are based on AR concept. The headgear’s visor provides pilots with several essential information, including instructions, enemy locations, maps, trajectories, and even the information about the whole jet. This certainly enables tactical and strategic decision, inflating the success rate of the critical mission.

Following the same example, Google Inc., the internet giant, is also developing on consumer augmented reality headgear known as Project Glass. However, still in research and development stage, the latest prototype of the Project Glass has gained enormous positive reception. The theory behind it is that will run on Google’s Android OS and will scan the real world using a camera to give all the needed info on the glass itself.

Augmented reality is sailing at a fast rate and at the same time, people are showing huge interest in the technology. Talented CG artists all over the globe are also making their move to show what kind of photorealistic 3rd components they can build for the augmented reality environment. This technology is advancing, however soon it will be the future technology for all mankind.



Every year, the gaming industry grows bigger and bigger, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Constant developments in both software and hardware make games more entertaining, more deeply engaging, and more polygons. In the latest years, it has split off into several new kinds entertainment, such as virtual and augmented realities. With the establishment headphones and hand controllers, we can attain greater levels of immersion than ever before. However, as VR gains lots of love in the forms of the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR Systems, does Augmented Reality have a place in the future of gaming, or will it be left behind by the others?

The answer is if the right varieties are utilized to take exploit everything distinctive to AR, it can give some great quality entertainment. Its principal advantage lies in the fact that it is conflicting enough from Virtual Reality that it will not be directly rivaling each other, so it can coexist.

Pokemon Go is a great example of this. The idea of catching, collecting, battling, and trading Pokemon characters is a genre that hasn’t only encouraged one of the most victorious game series of all time but has also created clones trying to replicate it. Being a role-playing game with some important social components, it is a genre that imparts itself both to AR and to mobile gaming. Any role-playing game elements can be applied to the players themselves.

This provides us a perfect sense of being present in the gaming world because it is the real world. The social elements of trading, fighting, and interacting with other gamers are not difficult to integrate as well since a smartphone will nearly always have access to the internet and social media. Therefore, anyone playing can instantly share whatever they are doing, whatever they have caught, with their friends and the rest of the world instantly.

Although, not every game need to be made particularly for the purpose of Augmented Reality in mind. Microsoft’s selling point for their HoloLens headset is its capacity to project as huge a screen as you like onto any kind of surface. While not technically augmented reality gaming, it shows that any game can be played with AR, regardless if it’s utilized for gameplay.

And for this reason, where does, this leave the fate of AR in gaming? Well, great AR games will be one of the 2 things. They will either be games that utilize the power of AR to its full potential and use utilize the setting of the real world to give exceptional immersion. On the other hand, they will be games integrated with AR features which do not basically attempt to set a similar game in an AR setting, but rather let the game to be played in a manner that only AR would permit it to, boosting the current gameplay with the latest mechanics. In essence, the fate of AR is determined by its ability to achieve things that other mediums basically can’t.