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Discover How Project Management Software Helps Your Business

Discover How Project Management Software Helps Your Business

Most employees that are working inside of an organization are working on some type of project. It may be a small daily task that is part of a bigger project. According to several entrepreneurs it helps to have project management software in place because it can increase the efficiency of the bigger project (btw, this podcast on productivity with Zeb Evans is great) .



One of the first things that people realize about project management software is that it brings forth a high level of accountability. People are going to apply for different jobs assigned to them, and the project management software is going to keep track of what is being done. If it is a big project there may be a number of small tasks that are assigned, and the project manager can find out what tasks have been completed. They can reinforce the urgency for some tasks to be completed in order for other things to get done.



Companies will benefit from software that documents what has been completed. This is quite helpful if there is a project manager in place that decides to quit. Someone needs to step into the role and make sure the project gets completed. If there are no records that indicate what has been done it becomes extremely difficult to continue to work on the project.

When there is documentation for the project there are no doubts about who has done what. There are instructions that will be given to each employee. There will be guidelines in the documentation so keeping records of this helps the project managers make sure that the rules have been followed.


Mobile Updates

In a number of cases there will be people that are working on a project that will not work in the office with the other employees. These might be technicians that are out in the field. These technicians are going to need some type of production management software that can be accessed remotely. This gives them a chance to make updates about their progress without coming into the office to do this. Some projects are ongoing, and updates need to be made as soon as possible. People that are in the field need to have this type of project management software accessibility so that they can update the work that they have done as soon as they are finished.


Project management software comes in a number of different types of varieties. Companies that embrace this are going to have higher level of efficiency. People are accountable for the work that they are doing, and there is documentation in this software that highlights the ways that the work should be done. All of these details can be shared between employees. It becomes easy to manage the project even if I knew project manager comes on board.

3 Of The Best Ways To Customize Your Airpod Cases

3 Of The Best Ways To Customize Your Airpod Cases

Airpod cases have become very popular because the concept of wireless headphones is popular. The fact that people can utilize headphones that do not require any type of wires has made many people look towards Airpods as one of the best concepts around.

  1. Your Name

Custom designs have become popular for airpod cases, and people that want cases that are easy to recognize can get their names put on their airpod cases. This definitely separates your case from others, and it cuts down on the confusion that comes about when you have multiple airpod users in one household. This can also be something that helps you separate your case when you are in a school or work environment. No one wants to get their case mixed up with anyone else, and putting their name on the case is going to be one of the easiest ways to prevent that.

  1. Color

The color of the airpod case is definitely going to make it easier to recognize. What people need to pay attention to when they’re looking at the different types of cases is getting one that will stand out from others cases that you see in your environment. It is easy for most people to get the white cases that come as part of the standard for these cases when you purchase them. There are different colors that can make your case stand out. When you have a blue or black case with a personalized name on the case it is going to make everything stand out so much more. You have a much better chance of keeping your airpod safe when you have the case that comes in a different color than the standard case that everyone else is going to have.

  1. Material

Another thing that can help you customize your case is the material that it is made of. Some people are going to keep the plastic case, but there are a lot of consumers that are interested in the leather cases for their airpods. These leather cases are premium storage cases that definitely make your custom airpod skin stand out.

A lot of people opt for the leather case because these cases are stylish. These cases come in a number of different colors, and the premium leather is going to last longer. Others may be fans of the plastic cases because they know that they can get their names engraved on these cases. They also may like the durability of the hard plastic.

People that are looking for airpod cases have a number of different choices. The ability to personalize definitely makes it easier to keep up with your airpods. It also minimizes the chances of getting these cases stolen. This is why people look at the various customized cases that are available.

How to tell whether a web designer is talented or not?

How to tell whether a web designer is talented or not?

If you need to have a new website designed, but want to be sure you are choosing the right web designer for the job, there are ways you find out.

After all, you want to be sure the web designer you choose is talented, like the designer over at web design brisbane, and understands how to design a site that will attract traffic.

Show him site designs you like — Talk to each web designer you are considering about the site designs you prefer, and find out if he can do them in the way you need.

If he has suggestions to make them even better, he may be a good designer. If he just wants to move onto another design you do not like as well, he probably is not.


Look at other sites in the designer’s portfolio — One of the first things you should always do before hiring any designer is to ask for a list of other sites they have designed.


Then spend several hours going through each site looking at how they are laid out, the color schemes at are used, where advertising is placed and if navigation is easy to understand. If the sites are user-friendly, this could mean you are choosing the right designer for the job. If not, move on until you find one that does design sites users find easy to use.


Find out how successful his other designs have been — One of the most important things about hiring the right web designer is not only that your site is attractive, but that it can also attract traffic.


That is why you should find out how successful his other sites have been. Especially if they have been in existence for longer than a year.


You can find this information by searching for the site on the website Alexa, and then looking at the graph showing how fast its traffic is growing. A site that has fast growing traffic is likely to have been well-designed. One that is not growing very much, even though no content is being added to it all the time, is likely to be a site that was poorly-designed.


Does the designer have their own websites? — Most web designers will also have their own website. If they do not, that can be a warning sign as why would they be creating sites for other people yet not running one of their own?


If they do, look at each site of any designer you are considering hiring to see if it is a site you would be happy to own.


Is it fast? Is it well-designed? Does it look nice? Is it easy to use? Can you find the information you are looking for quickly?


If you can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions, chances are the person who designed it may just be the right web designer for your site.

What is online code signing and how do you get it done?

What is online code signing and how do you get it done?

Once you have finished developing a new executable or driver, it will need to be code signed for security.

If you do that yourself, however, it will require having your own certificate and going through the complicated process of applying for one. That is why many companies nowadays use an online code signing service instead.

What is online code signing? — There is nothing complicated involved with using a code signing service to sign your executable. This is done by you uploading your program to the service. This can be done in just a couple of minutes via their website.

Once the program has been uploaded, you only need to pay the small fee, then the service will go to work code signing your program for you. Once completed, a message will appear, and you can then safely download your program. It is now code signed and secure.

The entire process takes under 10 minutes and, at a cost of around $30 per program, it is extremely affordable.

What are the benefits of online code signing? — The convenience is a major benefit, as you will not have to waste time and effort applying for your own certificate.

Another benefit is the cost. At $30 per executable, it is a price any company can afford.

The code signing adds credibility to your program, as it proves to customers no changes have been made to the software and that it is completely secure and safe to use.

When the program is installed, customers will also find they do not receive warnings from their operating system about an unauthorized or potentially harmful program. This increases their trust in your company and your products.

If you choose a company offering Extended Validation code signing, this will increase your credibility even more. Extended Validation (EV) certificates are known to have extremely strict requirements. This means, if your program has been code signed in this way, it is a program that can be trusted even more than others.

You will find a number of online code signing services available. Be sure to read reviews of each of them before you use one. That way you can be sure of their trustworthiness.

What is donation pledge management and what do you need to do it?

What is donation pledge management and what do you need to do it?

What is donation pledge management, and should the non-profit you work for be using it? If so, how do you go about getting started?

What is donation pledge management? — This generally involves a software program that is able to track all of the information connected to a pledge.

A representative from your organization will have to input the information about each pledge as the pledge is made. Once it is input into the system, however, it becomes incredibly easy to track, and easy to create reports about all the pledges currently made to your organization.

What information will you have at your fingertips? — The problem with pledges being made is that it can be easy to forget about them and, thus, difficult to follow up to make sure they are actually given as promised.

With a donation pledge management system, however, you will be able to access all the information about a specific pledge. This includes the amount of the pledge, and whether it is a one-time or recurring pledge.

It includes being able to keep track of how much of a pledge has been paid, and how much is still lowed. It also means you can merge information about pledges into letters that can then be sent out to the people that pledged, reminding them of when the money they are donating is due.

Pledges can also be tracked based on the event at which they were received. Whether that event is a live auction, a gala, a black tie dinner or even from a major donor event.

The more information that is inputted into the donation pledge management software, the easier it will be to track it so that you do receive the money you were promised.

What do you need to do it? — You will need to buy a donation pledge management software program that has been highly reviewed.

You will find several of them online. It is up to you to decide which of them has the features your non-profit needs, as well as one that falls into the budget you can afford.

Bluehost fees for site migrations can be quite costly

Bluehost fees for site migrations can be quite costly

If you are with a hosting company and want to move your site to one that is probably better, you may be considering Bluehost. Not only does Bluehost get good reviews from many of the people whose websites are hosted with them, it also has other benefits as well.

The only problem with moving from another company to Bluehost, however, can be the fee you have to pay to migrate your sites. Fees other hosting companies often do not charge.

How much are Bluehost fees for site migrations? — This is where Bluehost is far inferior to other hosting companies as their migration fees are very expensive.

Bluehost charges for site migrations around $14.99 to move up to five sites from your old hosting company to them. When you consider most other hosting services do this for free, not only is it expensive, the $149.99 fee would pay for hosting for a year at many other hosting companies.

Is paying the Bluehost migration fee worthwhile? — It depends on what you are looking for, and how adept you are at migrating sites yourself. In other words, if you can learn how to migrate your own sites to Bluehost, or even get a more tech-savvy friend to do it for you, it would make sense for you to do that.

If you cannot, then you should think seriously about spending $149.99 to have Bluehost do it. Especially if you can move to another hosting company like Siteground, for instance, and have them do it for you without any cost at all.

Are there other drawbacks to Bluehost? — It is not just high site migration fees that are a negative when it comes to signing up with Bluehost either.

After all, unlike other hosting companies that offer cheap packages that include all the things you would need, Bluehost charges for some of them.

Take site back up and restoration. While that is included at many other companies, Bluehost charges over $35 a year to do that. They also charge for SSL certificates, additional domain names and a dedicated IP address. That means, by the time you have paid for everything you want to have every month, your basic cost for hosting your site at Bluehost could have suddenly gone sky high.

Do an extensive price comparison — While Bluehost is definitely a very good hosting company, you should still do extensive price comparisons before deciding to go with them.

After all, you may end up being surprised that, what you thought was inexpensive website hosting, has so many additional monthly fees it becomes quite a bit more expensive than you have ever paid for website hosting before.